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The black Alentejano pig

The Alentejano breed is pure-bred in Portugal since olden times. Portugal with its cork and holm oaks offers excellent conditions for breeding these pigs. The breed of the black Alentejano pig descends from the Iberian or Roman line of the southern wild boar (sus mediterraneus).

A hereditary condition of the black pig causes more fat to be integrated into their muscles, a property that has been maintained as there was no cross-breeding with other breeds. This explains the mottling of the meat, its succulence, consistency and its incomparable taste and unique fragrance.

The black Alentejano pig is kept in absolute freedom for 18 to 24 months. Two to three hours every day it is looking for acorns and pasture. During the fattening-up phase it eats mainly acorns, eating 7 to 10 kg per day. It puts on a kilogram of weight every day until it weighs about 160 kg. Acorns are rich in oleic acids which give the meat its incomparable taste and unique fragrance.

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