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The breed

The black Alentejano pig is exceptional and blessed by nature.
Our black pigs are raised in the oak groves of the Alentejo and fed with acorns and supplementary food. Their meat is more succulent, intensive and tasty.


Here, you find the news for the black Alentejano pig.

Directly from the field to your table
Here, you find the news for the black Alentejano pig. Please contact us for more information.

The black Alentejano pig

The black Alentejano pig: The special taste of Portugal

The special taste of Portugal
The breed of the black Alentejano pig descends from the Iberian or Roman line of the southern wild boar (sus mediterraneus). This pig is appreciated world-wide for being authentic and very special.


Export - National quality

National quality
Right now, we are expanding internationally. We are looking for sales partnerships.

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